About us

Our programs have a unique focus on Community Development and Social Outreach.

What We Do

Since its inception in September 2018, the collective’s impact has been felt.

H.E.R provides a listserv for its members where they can connect with different industries in Africa. Our listserv is an open forum for members to dialogue, find and post job opportunities and connect. We help facilitate safe and secure investments by connecting Africans from the Diaspora with reputable businesses and organizations. H.E.R honors integrity and provides project management and relocation consultations for Diasporians interested in Ghana. Members are encouraged to support each others businesses in order to build our global African economic footprint.

Other activities include quarterly business networking sessions; speaker series; festivals and expositions; participating in various community activities such as our Young Women's Rites of Passage Program and feeding of street children and juvenile prisons; as well as our flagship Icebreakers Social Mixer.

We Are Focused

Our Inspiration

H.E.R Collective is the result of two African women, Afia Khalia Kodua and Johnetta Nzali Abraham, dedication to repatriation and investment in Africa.

Our VIsion

To provide a support system for Africans globally to reconnect and invest in the African continent.

We aim to build a bridge for like-minded individuals who are thinking about or have returned home, and to provide a forum for economic and social connection. H.E.R positively impacts our continent individually and as a collective body.

Our video

Icebreakers at 1