H.E.R Young Women’s Rites of Passage

H.E.R Collective is committed to building a brighter future for Africa. As such, H.E.R inaugurated our annual Rites of Passage program in January 2018 for selected young ladies between the ages of 11-13 in Ghana. Our Rites of Passage program takes the best of our traditional practices and modernizes them to fit our current generation and their challenges as growing young women.

The Rites of Passage program, begins with a weekend induction event including a march to womanhood, community cooking,and the introduction to the principles of womanhood series. The event is facilitated by community elders. The young women continue on a 9 month journey that incorporates monthly module meetups. The module themes all align to principles and skills that are required as they transition from girlhood to womanhood. We conclude with a coming out ceremony at One Africa Beach Resort in Elmina, Ghana.

For this program, we intentionally select mentees from the diaspora and continental Africans to help begin the bridging of cultural divides early in life. Our participants are encouraged to complete community service, create their own toolkit of resources, indulge in self love and sisterhood.