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Icebreakers Social Mixer

Our Icebreakers Social Mixers are monthly events that bring people together for cultural exchange, mingling and safe, productive leisure time. Stay tuned for next month’s mixer! Come and break the ice with us EVERY 4TH SATURDAY of the month at Filli B’s Garden Grill in East Legon. Visit our blog to learn more about Icebreakers.

Black August-Ghana

Join H.E.R Collective and our partners as we commence Black August Ghana. August is a significant month in the history of Afikans in the Americas and the collective fight for the liberation of Afrikan people. This August we have month long programs to honor or freedom fighters, train, create solutions and keep the fighting the good fight. Please keep up with our events by visiting our monthly calendar and social media sites. Instagram @h.e.r_collective Facebook: H.E. R Collective Ghana.

The Real You: Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

H.E.R. Collective brings you ‘The Real You: Natural Hair and Beauty Expo’, which celebrates natural African hair in all of its curls, kinks, coils and other resilient patterns. The event will feature amazing exhibits from local hair companies, designers and lovely vendors. Come enjoy, network and be inspired by the creativity of the African Diaspora!

Rites of Passage

The Rites of Passage process serves to equip young women with the tools needed to successfully transition into womanhood. Through instructing young girls to complete sacred processes, H.E.R. continues this ancient African tradition and celebrates young women as they elevate into higher states of consciousness and being within society. Contact us for enrollment.

New Moon Circle Accra

New Moon Circle Accra is a quarterly held event that serves attendees by guiding them through activities that signify releasing things that no longer serve them. This helps us to move forward into a lighter, healthier chapter in life. Stay tuned for our next gathering.

Visit our event calendar for updated events! See you soon.

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