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H.E.R. Collective is a sankofa awakening rooted in cultural rejuvenation. Based in Accra, Ghana, H.E.R. was birthed in 2017 by Nzali Abraham and Afia Kodua to evoke spiritual cultivation through learning spaces, healing centers, edutainment opportunities and cross cultural interactions. 

Our events include monthly Icebreakers Social Mixers, poetry and movie nights. Other events include New Moon Circle Accra, Black August Accra, community free health days, festivals, workout classes, Natural Hair and Beauty Expos, poetry and movie nights. We are so excited to continue our legacy as we join the 2019 Year of Return programming here in Ghana with the RBG Festival. H.E.R. shifts the paradigm, uplifts and restores Afrikan consciousness. Join the revolution! Check out our programs. Visit our event calendar.

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