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Black August- Ghana

H.E.R Collective is gearing up for another Black August Ghana in partnership with Black August Los Angeles. This year we are doing it bigger and better. We have a month full of activities and events you don’t want to miss! This year marking the 40th year anniversary we are planning a truly blacknificent month.

So what is Black August

Black August isn’t for celebrating our history, but reflecting on it and using it to create solutions. It is a month to focus specifically on all the Black people in history that refused to be enslaved or unjustly imprisoned, or those that have lost their lives in the struggle and historic figures and events who were birthed in August. ¬ andhealingbegins via

What’s in store for B.A.G?

Opening Ceremony- Will commence on the dawn of August 1st at Labadi Beach in Accra, Ghana. This is monumental for us as we know the history of the many Africans taken from those very shores many years ago. The Returnees, the reincarnation of those people are back in unison with Afrikans born on the continent to show homage and ask our ancestors to bless and guide this month.

Just Music Tuesdays- August 6th in combination with the Just Music Tuesdays at Rockstone’s we are hosting the most amazing, conscious Goddess Afia Khalia and special guests for a night of revolutionary music! Unlike anything seen before this sister will bless us with uplifting songs of unity, revolution and so much more…This event will be streamed live for our viewing audience in Los Angeles California, USA.

Self Defense Training– August 10th at the University of Ghana. There is no revolution without discipline and proper training. Early on this Saturday we are gathering our youth and community for a Capoeria self defense class with Dr. Obadele Kambon. Our brother in liberation will be teaching what he terms “Afrikan combat Capoeria”.

Film Screening/ Lecture– August 20th. This evening will be a short film screening and panel discussion centered on solution building for Afrikan people globally. For sure your mind will be stimulated.

Political Education Day– August 30th. Black August Ghana in partnership with Clothe the Naked Outreach and Mummy’s Kitchen Catering will provide political education talks, clothing donations and feeding to one of Accra, Ghana’s local prisons. It is our goal to inspire the next Malcolm X.

Closing Ceremony– August 31st. A family that prays together and breaks bread together stays together. Our closing ceremony will be a community feast where we feed our ancestors and commune over dinner together.

For more information please remember to follow all of our social media sites. Instagram @h.e.r_collective Facebook: H.E.R Collective Ghana

Donations and Love Offerings are welcome: paypal/cashapp $AfiaKodua mobile money 233 054 835 7086 Johnetta Abraham

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